MAY 2016

Welcome to DIY-Horizons

We wish to start you on a unique journey as a friend. You are not and never will be just a customer or client number, we want to take you beyond that and make you feel totally supported in every way through each and every task you face. 

Our aim to build a solid relationship with you on sound foundations.
Now is the right time to start preparation for those spring projects. The longer days and the chance to start catching up on those outside jobs.

During 2016, we are planning to prepare you for a wonderful summer with lots of interesting and indeed exciting garden projects.

We are setting up our new training facility in Birmingham and will be hosting a variety of DIY project courses and supporting video's to help you through the learning process.
Did you know..? - The name "plumber" originates from the Latin word Plumberium "worker of lead"...?

For many centuries, lead has been used within plumbing pipe work and storage tanks until the mid 20th century.

If you still have lead water pipes within your domestic plumbing system, you should seriously consider upgrading to copper to prevent possible health issues.

When the Sun shines the world feels good, when it's cold..!

We have been working with several new and exciting companies developing a simple, cheap and effective method of rainwater harvesting. Can save pounds, more importantly, using chemical free water has to be a benefit to us all. Water strainers and sediment filters allow the water to be used for exterior cleaning including you cars and caravans. When you consider the amount of tap water saved, this adds up to a significant yearly saving on water bills. Also, the environmental savings are huge using less processed water saves on chemicals and processing costs.
The truly best bit, we can all whatever our handy DIY skills install these great new products in just a few minutes. Full pictorial guide and explanation on how to install plus the new DIY-Horizon video available free to all our registered users who purchase one of these products.

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High Top Lighting

Our exciting new partnership with Greenways Lighting has been a great success and the amazing product range has been well accepted. This brings real time savings to energy bills and when sadly the power goes off, the Greeneways lights stay on..! Yes they have a battery cell that gives you light when all around is in darkness.

High Top Lighting has been working with a major light fitting manufacturer on super energy efficient light bulbs and elements. 

DIY-Horizons and our sponsors PDCA Cornwall will be assisting a roadshow planned for April 2016 across Devon and the midlands showing great spring ideas that can be fun and save money whilst enhancing your home and garden.
  • Low energy interior lighting
  • Bright low energy security lighting
  • Lighting timers
  • Consumption data recorders
  • Path and driveway lighting


Starting Right

DIY can be great fun as well as saving you money getting odd jobs carried out around the home. We aim to make the learning fun so come and see what we have to offer..!